Freeze dried Full Range Chicken, is freeze dried then infused with organic hemp seed oil to give your doggo, a fully functional food. By micro dosing hemp seed oil that provides omega 3, 6, 9 and protein, the results are healthy coat, relief of hip, joint pain and anxiety.

Chicken Delights - Pet Food

  • Our freeze-dried foods are prepared without cooking, so they retain all of the natural goodness of our authentically fresh ingredients.


    Our freeze-dry kitchens are equipped with nitrogen tunnels which flash-freeze our fresh ingredients at extremely low temperatures (-60°F), locking in their life-giving nutrients. Then during an 18-hour freeze-drying process, the water frozen in the ingredients is gently converted into ice vapor, without creating any liquid.


    This means only water is removed from our fresh ingredients, leaving behind all of their richly nourishing goodness in concentrated form. We then utilize our proprietary process for infusing organic hempseed oil into the food to allow our friends to have additional balanced omega 3, 6, 9 along with plant-based proteins that are found in hemp, creating a nourishing taste experience your dog will love.




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